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Hevea Engineers

GUMMI – Our Premium Range of Rollers (Loves Water)

From Hevea Engineers (P) Ltd, the pioneer of high resilience rollers in the Indian offset printing market comes Gummi – the finest bareback damping rollers in the world.

Do your Offset Printing almost free of alcohol substitutes with the Hevea damping roller & H2O Our rollers are hydrophilic, loves water and will transfer a even film of water to the plate.

What is Gummi?
Gummi is a special Rubber d developed with imported polymers & plasticizers specifically for bare back and alcohol damping rollers – Loves water.

The Gummi Compound for
  • Alcohol Dampening rollers for sheed- fed offset printing
  • Metering and fountain rollers for web and continuous printing
  • Dampening transfer rollers for newspaper printing

  • Dampening rollers for film dampening units
  • Dampening rollers for reduced-alcohol and alcohol-free printing
  • Dampening rollers for small offset presses
  • Dampening rollers for web fed offset printing
  • Dampening rollers for high-speed web, sheet fed, newspaper web and Alcohol dampening system.

  • Less shrinkage in use & therefore more life
  • Higher Resistance to alcohol & Ink
  • Stable water supply – thin, uniform film of water transferred.
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Substantial Cost reduction due to lower concentrate consumption & longer roller life.
  • Uniform hardness ensuring the dampening solution is dosaged in line with machine’s running speed.

In today's modern press rooms, the need for more reliable rollers and even distribution of wetting solutions is critical. Dampening rollers made from Hevea Gummi Compound when combined with our Gummi Ink Forme Rollers can be a press operator’s best friend. The same familiar attributes of rubber, uniform texture, setting latitude, are in our superior in our Gummi dampening rollers.

The end result will be much greater control of ink/water balance & Better Print.

So what are you waiting for? Go for our GUMMI Rollers.