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WHY U SHOULD NOT SELL ON PRICE. Created : 17-12-2013

Many print buyers buy on price because they have been encouraged to do so.  It is the print salesperson’s job to encourage them to encourage them to buy in other ways. 
Here are some other ways in which you can encourage print buyers to buy:

·  show them how you can help them reduce their costs

·  show them how they can buy print more efficiently

·  show them how they can specify more economically

·  show them how they can use print more effectively

·  show them how they can use print to increase their revenues

 All these approaches give print buyers a reason to spend more.  It gives them an opportunity to move away from a purely price led conversation.  And you’d be surprised how many print buyers focus on other things apart from price.
Of course price matters
All printers will have to show that they price competitively.  But this is different to showing that they have the cheapest price.  It is not difficult to persuade a print buyer to choose a higher price.  But they need to have a reason to do so.
Let’s look at this in real life.
Here are some examples of how printers sold on higher prices
One of my clients works in the magazine sector.  They avoid leading on price because they offer clients more than just print.  They also offer apps and online publishing solutions.  They become more than just a provider of ink on paper.  They offer something very different, and more valuable, than their competitors.  So the conversation moves away from price.
Another printer helps their clients improve the return on investment for their marketing print.  This means that the conversation is about maximising revenue.  And not about cheap print.
And finally, one large format printer works with office interior designers.  These designers are desperate to find innovative solutions to sell their clients.  So the printer is able to research and offer new substrates and processes.  The conversation is about new ideas.  Not lowest price.
In all of these cases the printer has taken time to create a sales offering which makes the different from the competition.  And which adds value to the client.  They never sell on price.
Here are three action points to stop you selling on price

1)  Ban the sales team from asking for quotes.  (If the conversation grinds to a halt, it is more effective to ask “Where do we go from here?”)
2)  Make sure you create a point of difference.  And make sure that it contains something of value for the target client.  If you are stuck on this one, ask your clients what they would like to see
3)  Make sure that your sales pitch never compares you to the competition.  Make sure that you come across as a company that is different from others
Even supermarkets don’t really sell on price
Some of the advertising is very price led.  But when you are in the store they are very good at encouraging you to spend more money.  Most of their products have a basic option.  But the best sellers are often the premium version.  Supermarkets look after their profit margins.
And so should printers.