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Ink And Paper Industry On The Rise Created : 30-06-2015

When in 2012 Newsweek announced that the magazine will cease publication, the digital pundits marked the move as the final nail on print's coffin. Newsweek was and is an icon of printed journals. So if the magazine can no longer viable that means digital has won. But the course of events proved otherwise. In 2013 the print edition of magazine was reintroduced.

This is just one story among many that tell the tale of print revival. Many brands are reintroducing print version of their catalogues. Digital communication is beginning to lose some of its luster. It is true that digital technology still offers the fastest and most effective way of communication but communication is much more than that. It's about trust and verification.

Printed materials invoke a sense of trust. Print's tactile effect makes it real. Brands and companies are now considering print as an effective option to convey their message. The print is the great escape from digital dominance.