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    3 simple ways to win more print business over the coming months Created : 2021-09-19

    Would you like some simple sales tasks? 
    Here are three activities that only take a few hours a week. I give members of The Successful Print Sales Circle exact instructions and scripts on how to carry these out. They are achieving great results from these activities so I know they work, even in current trading conditions. The next enrolment is at the end of September.

    Lapsed customers
    Contact everyone who used to work with you but are no longer clients. You’ll be surprised at how many start working with you again. One client who carried out this activity added over £100,000 of potential new business into their sales pipeline within one week. And it is not unusual for people to win five-figure sums of business from contacting lapsed customers.

    93% of customers will give you a referral. But only 11% of sales people ask for one (Source: Dale Carnegie Institute). Making regular referral requests is a powerful way to win new clients. I know businesses that win all their work through referrals.

    Talk to existing customers
    Ask what else they want from you. Chances are you offer it already and they just didn’t know about it! It is one of the easiest ways to upsell – providing you do it in the right way.

    How do you carry out these activities week in week out to create a ritual that keeps on winning business?
    One of the most powerful ways is to create an 12-week sales project. This should focus on setting the right activities and measuring the results.