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    THERMAL LAMINATION ROLLER Created : 2021-10-11

    Our experience with Printing  Rollers and close association with Offset , Flexo and Digital printers over the past 3 decades. has enabled us to develop special purpose rollers for more demanding conditions like Thermal Lamination

    In close associations with actual user and repeated trials and failures, we have developed an ideal rubber roller for Thermal Lamination.

    Hevea Thermal rollers is unique and cost effective.  There are two areas of failure in a Thermal Lamination roller.

    1.  The bond between the metal spindle and the rubber is prone to failure at higher temperatures.  We use a hard ebonite rubber compound to bond with the metal and the cover compound.

    2.  The cover compound must be of appropriate hardness and have sufficient thermal resistance for performing the laminating function.  Hevea Thermal roller cover compound are designed for an average operating temperature of 120 degree centigrade and a peak temperature of 140 degree centigrade.

    3.  Mechanically strong and not prone to damage. This is unlike Silicone roller which has poor tear strength and tensile properties.


    Click the link to know about our Thermal Lamination Roller http://www.heveaengineers.com/video/intro_heave_engg.mp4