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‘Moving out of the valley of tears and grasping the future by the neck’
The next drupa will be held from 23rd June to 3rd July 2020. A lot of things can happen between now and then – reading habits can change, advertisers may seek more customised offerings, suppliers may feel more pressure. Whatever it may be, there is no doubting the fact that there is a positive spirit for the global print industry today. Investments have pi cked up, albeit slowly. The 11-day drupa fair drew 1837 exhibitors from 54 countries. A drupa release says the exhibitors “unanimously...More

8 principles that transformed The New York Times The company's vice chairman, Michael Golden, shared these insights during his keynote presentation at WAN-IFRA's 11th Middle East Conference in Dubai. The company's vice chairman, Michael Golden The c
8 principles that transformed The New York Times The company's vice chairman, Michael Golden, shared these insights during his keynote presentation at WAN-IFRA's 11th Middle East Conference in Dubai.The company's vice chairman, Michael Golden , 2016-03- 27   1. Have the willingness and ability to change It is a fundamental element in that journey of transformation. Change starts from the management level, and it has to be implemented from top to bottom. Change should also be in the management approach and companies must be ready to alter...More

Will the newspaper business model ever change
I was at the Press Club. The drinks were taking time to be served. The talk around the table was fragmented. A lot of Saala, Tu Kya Sab Janta Hai? (Hey, you think you know it all?) was in the air. The Pitch Madison Media report has been out for a while. Print has once again beaten expectations. Everyone in the room has strategies to extend the life of the medium many have written off. The audience is not worried. They know nothing will happen to print before their term of gainful employment is over. I cannot but help overhearing the conversation on the table next to me. I recognise that...More

Sometimes focusing on new business can be a mistake We all know that winning new customers is hard these days. The cost of just getting a first appointment can be high. And that’s no guarantee of turning that appointment into business.   In all the desperate focus on new business, sometimes we ignore other routes to increasing our revenues. These routes can involve much less work.   That&rsquo ;s why printing companies should consider winning new work from existing customers Printing companies that use this strategy often have a much quicker...More

educative Packaging
educative Packaging New Perspective In Package Printing Today&rsquo ;s packaging trends are driven by longer supermarket opening hours, enhanced print technologies and demand to protect brands Des King , 2015-07-15 Lo oks count and first impressions matter. How products are judged by their many differing attributes - not least fitness for purpose, consistent reliability and value for money - will determine the extent to which they build market share on an ongoing basis. Prior to that, however, it will probably be a particular spot...More

The Only Skill EVERY Professional Needs
I asked about twenty busine ss owners and CEOs to name the one skill they feel contributes the most to their success. What did every one of them say? Sales skills. Each and every one felt success is almost impossible -- in any field -- without solid sales skills. Here’s why. To many people, the word selling im plies manipulating, pressuring, cajoling -- all the used car salesman stereotypes. But if you think of selling as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision,...More

Ink And Paper Industry On The Rise
When in 2012 Newsweek announced that the magazine will cease publication, the digital pundits marked the move as the final nail on print's coffin. Newsweek was and is an icon of printed journals. So if the magazine can no longer viable that means digital has won. But the course of events proved otherwise. In 2013 the print edition of magazine was reintroduced. This is just one story among many that tell the tale of print revival. Many brands are reintroducing print version of their catalogues. Digital communication is beginning to lose some of its luster. It is true...More

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