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3 ways active print can increase profits for printing com
There are two routes for printing companies to be successful The first of these is to produce print more and more efficiently. It’s the only way to keep up with the relentless price pressure from today’s buyer. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to stay as efficient as the market demands. Worse, you’ll rarely be seen as anything more than a commodity supplier.   The other route is to start offering services of real value to your clients. Traditionally, this has been done through services such as web to print and fulfilment. These have been ways to...More

New Improved Gummi Compound for bare back damping rollers
We are proud to introduce our very special premium  rubber compound for your Damping rollers for bare back / alcohol damping. * High water affinity * Soft @ 22 Shore A. * Minimum increase in hardness with use. * Great water affinity & quick ink water balance during start up. * Magical printing experience with our Gummi roller.     We urge you to try it asap.   More

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