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Why Printing Rollers are Critical to Printing Quality?

Given that the technology of a printing unit is fixed by the machine, the quality of printing depends on
(a) the quality of paper
(b) the quality of ink
(c) the quality of the rubber rollers.

It's no wonder that the printing roller is considered the heart of the printing machine. For a printer, it represents less than 0.1% his costs but contributes around 25% to the quality of printing. The bottom line is you save a lot of money if you take care of your rollers.


Roller Type Hardness for Sheet feed o Sh A Hardness for Web Offset o Sh A
Damping (Water forme & Water duct) - Standard 25 25
Gummi 23 25
Gummi 30 35
Ink forme -Standard 32 35
Ink duct & Ink distributor 35 38


If you need any special rollers for particular applications, please give us the required information like

  1. Hardness
  2. Length & Diameter of Rubber and the metal core
  3. Temperature in application of the roller (During use)
  4. Any Solvents coming in contact with the rubber

This will enable us to choose the best polymer to optimize your performance parameters.

Click here to send us the information for special rollers.

Type Hardness Sh A Important Properties
Letter Press 25
  • Softness
  • Should not cut easily
Offset inking 32
  • Receptivity to ink and resistance to ink & to cleaning agents
  • Resilience
Offset Damping 25
  • Resilience
  • Resistance to alcohol & to water
  • Minimum swell
Lamination 55-60
  • Resistance to varnish
Flexo 65-70
  • Resistance to liquid flexo inks with toluene base
Gravure 75-80
  • Resistance to gravure inks
  • Abrasion resistance
Metal Print
  • Abrasion resistance
  • 25mm thick rubber
Food Grade
  • No Poisons


On Length of rubber
± 0.1 mm
On Diameter of rubber ± 0.2 mm
On Taper per meter length 0.05 mm
On Runout between rubber & journal area 0.03 mm
On Hardness ± 3 o sh A
Tighter tolerances can be given on special requests (at slightly higher prices of excise)


Our normal rubberizing charges apply for all printing rollers up to 15 mm. Thickness
is 1/2 of (Rubberized diameter - core diameter). Please contact us with your machine name for an exact quote.

Extra Charges are added for spindle re-conditioning, bearing surface rectification etc.

b.New Spindle

This rate will include rate for manufacturing new spindle and rubberizing. The spindles are made of seamless pipe and EN8 journals.

  • In Chennai through our own Tempo.
  • For the rest of India by road transport.
  • For the rest of the World by Air/Sea Freight.

Delivery Time

For rubberizing
  • Standard 12 Days
  • Gummi 18 Days

For New Spindles
  • Non standard 20 Days
  • New Rolls 30 Days


In India documents through bank
For the rest of the World against irrevocable L.C. or advance DD